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Five Minutes with Josh Gotts your BEC points leader

So Josh, firstly congratulations are in order to you & Dara on the birth of your first child! Dougie Gotts. 

So after growing up in Cornwall , flying through the ranks in local racing and then moving onto the British Championship where you now sit on top, after the first round back in February . This was your first ever British Championship outright  win, and conditions were tough with storm Dennis providing a very wet & windy track. 

It must of been a nice to win. How did you feel, a dream come true? 
▫️Yeah awesome feeling for sure! I didn’t really know if I’d won or not, knew it was close between myself and Tom Sagar,  I was chuffed with the win when I found out! 
What’s your thoughts on the British championship. Should they try and run more races? 
▫️Yeah for sure, when we can start easing back into events I’m sure the organisers will as soon as they can, gotta keep safe but also be good to have at least a few more rounds before the year is out!
What have you been doing for entertainment in lockdown? 
▫️Apart from the never ending list of DIY Jobs, just cycling and looking after little Dougie, it’s been good to spend so much quality time with him! And to finally get on with jobs around the house. 

What do you change on this bike from standard? 
▫️The Suspension is obviously the biggest change for pretty much anyone. Ian at Moto33 worked hard during the off season to get a real good setting with me which was great, and obviously the bike from TMUK is pretty much stock to be honest, change a few little bits bars etc, and finished off with metzeler tyres she’s good to rip!
What your favourite type of event? ( sprint , hare and hound , time card ) 
▫️I enjoy the time cards but I do love a hare and hound too! 

If you could set off on the same minute with 3 riders from EnduroGP past & present who would it be. 
▫️It be Jamie McCanney, Mathew Phillips, and Mattias Bellino.
 What do you eat before race day? 
▫️Load up on the ol pasta night before with McDonald’s finest porridge pot on route in the morning. 😂
What was different in your preseason training from the previous years? 
▫️Not a huge amount to be honest, quality riding time and key fitness is the one for me, kept fit all winter and getting in quality riding, as much as I could. 

Most memorable race & why? 
▫️I’d probably say Finland EnduroGP 2018, just the whole experience from preparing everything to ride in -15 to finishing a 13 hour day riding was incredible and definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Future plans in our sport? 
▫️Just to keep racing as long as I can really! And enjoy it! 

What’s it like being a dad? 
▫️ Yeah really good, it does make you change your perspective of things a little!
Your dad (John Gotts ) how is he as a grandad? 
▫️He’s still as mental as ever being a grandad! Loves it 
Now you have your own family down in Cornwall, what’s next, will you continue racing until Dougie wants to ride? 
▫️Yeah for sure will race as long as I can, and if Dougie wants to ride/race be awesome to follow him through that too! 

Okay Josh that about rounds it up, thank you for your time! Wish you all the best! Hope to see you racing soon! 

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