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Five minutes with Steve Holcombe

This week we sat down with Steve Holcombe after a successful training session in North Devon close to his home. We asked him a few questions about his new bike and what he would like to see change in Enduro GP. 
Firstly welcome Steve, this is a first for us to have you feature on our page, it’s an pleasue to catch up with you.
 So out side of racing what do you enjoy doing?
I love Road cycling, its satisfying to see how far you can go on a bicycle and around my home town in north Devon the views are quite something else. 

Who inspired you the most? – Growing up its always been Mike Brown, but as I got older I have always been one to do my own thing and create my own trends.  

Where do you think is the best place to train? – I really like the ease of Italy being down there with the team is great and also many tracks, but there’s nothing like home, and the variety that North Devon offers.
Motivation, what’s the thing that motivates you the most? – “Fish n Chips” 🤣, but honestly money that helps, as id like to retire at some point.  I’m also motivated to do the best I can in the sport and to be a role model to others.
You’ve changed bike for this year, how is it? – Good! The more I ride it the more I enjoy it. I did compare it to my 300 2 Stoke but now I’m loving my 4 stroke, I feel super smooth and comfortable now. 

Everyone makes a change at some point from amateur to pro, how did you go from amateur to pro? – Well thanks to Steve Plain and BETA UK and Beta Boano they gave me an oppotunity and I took it.
But I listened to Tom Sagar he explained to me how it would be hard to jump right in and get a ride for Factory KTM. He said I would be more likely to get a ride with another brand first. In 2015 Boano provided me a bike and I paid for my flights and it snowballed from there. I almost won that year but I did’nt race the first round in chilli as it was to expensive to get there.
Being five times World Champion you must have some good memory’s, can you name a few? – Yes of course these stand out for me the most – Sweden 2016 my first back to back GP win, then Hawkstone Park in 2017 the first day was good for me winning 3-5 enduro tests, and top three in theMx test Then 2018 in Edolo Italy winning  with over a  1 minute 40 seconds on a rocky Italian GP and I crashed in the last test!
In the past few years there’s been changes to World Enduro Championship, so what would you change? –I’d remove the GP class go back to original E1, E2, E3 but…… then the “Class” names I would change them so people understand what bike people ride. “Example” under250 or over 250. I’d also like to see more variety not just classic enduro and try some events with just sprints on consecutive days also stand alone 3h hare & hounds. 
Becoming a pro rider you have to make some sacrifices. What did you sacrifice to becoming a pro rider? – Well it instantly adds pressure to your life, as you want to win. When you don’t win it’s not good enough and very hard to understand that 2nd sometimes is a win as points make prizes. My hobby became my living 24h 7 days a week that was good.
Being a pro rider is something people look up  to when growing up, what was the best thing about going pro for you?  – It was great to just have riding as my sole focus , it’s so much fun riding all over the world and just simple things going in your van and riding with others. In 2016 it was fun to just ride with Alex Salvini for instance. 

What are your plans for the future long and short term? – short term goal is to win E2 this year and stay racing in Europe for a few more seasons. After that I’d look to head across the pond to America and try GNCC and finish out my riding career there.  
Well that about wraps it up Steve. Thanks for giving up your time to speak to us, we hope to see you on the top step in E2 this year once we get racing. 
Vision Media. 

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