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Hi all, Tristan here from vision media.

We were lucky enough to get the invite to the 2024 Husqvarna International media launch, in Arendal, Norway.
What a place to launch a new ERA of bikes. The town and local area were beautiful, we got a nice ferry to a remote venue where we were presented the all new 2024 bike.

This is just a quick read for you all, on the new bikes.
Overall the new generation of bikes have a completely new look, & graphics design. With that being said the colours are similar.On a first glance you’ll see some added new grab handles, and more plastics on the right hand side for added contact with bike, and it’s very noticeable when you are riding,just like the new frame & foot pegs. The frame is 9mm slimmer, and the foot pegs 9mm longer & also wider, a very noticeable change as soon as you ride.

Along with that the suspension has seen some serious updates, with some Close cartridge WP forks and less static sag to align with the new frame. The forks were good out the box, progressive and held up nicely in the stroke giving us the riders a consistent feeling.

Smaller things you can see in detail like a new LED light, new rear axle & swinging arm, no more ribs in the exhaust too, a clean start button and mapping switch allowing for a tidy cockpit. There are plus like + ribs in the seat & frame guards, the seat felt great I never once looked for extra grip in that way but also it was nice dry conditions and with the two loops we had been riding they were both technical.

If you simply take the seat off you’ll see there is no more fuse box, you are welcomed with a simple box with red light green light indication if you’ve got a problem in a section of the electrics. A nice feature.

2 strokes

I’d say are the most developed bikes around the 2 stroke bikes saw another big change going from TPI (Trasfer Port Injection) to TBI ( Throttle Body Injection ) with a separate oil injection, so no premix here. OMG what a change, I’ve never been confident on bike bore 2 strokes, but now I find myself comfortable on a TBI not sure why, but the power delivery was more usable and picked up nicely from the bottom. The bike also felt more stable to a TPI but that could be a contributing factor to suspension updates the bike has seen. For me around the lap and terrain in Norway I loved the TE 250! Did everything I wanted it to, wheelie skids, power in all the right places, the 150 lacked bottom end for me, but that’s whats one expected with a small bore 2 stroke and the 300 would be perfect for extreme riding, and a logging up hills.

4 strokes

The 4 strokes didn’t seem much different to previous models regards power, the 250f is always a great bike, I personally always like to add a technical accessorie like an exhaust pipe. To give it a that extra pony’s. FE 350 a fun play-full bike, MY stand out bike for the event, I’m not much of a big bike guy, but I fell in love with the FE350! Just felt at one and so confident on it, it’s so good in all conditions, it’s as light as a 250 but the power of a 450 as we all know. The 450 & 501 were great just simply Chugg those things and you’ll go up anything and go fast if you are brave enough.

That’s it for a short read, we will have a full bike report & review coming shortly also a YouTube edit & POV clips.

Talking of clips here s a POV we did one on the FE350

We’d like to thanks the Husqvarna marketing team they did a fantastic job on giving us a presentation & hosting a great event.

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